Why have Professional Vocal Coaching?

The voice is the most extraordinary instrument and it is amazing just how quickly it will respond to dedicated, targeted training! These days there is a wealth of information available to the public on 'how you should sing'. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions (and instructions), without feedback from a professional it is common for vocalists to quickly and unintentionally create detrimental and even dangerous vocal and physical habits. 

There is no one size fits all approach to vocal training, and every voice will demonstrate differing tendencies, qualities and habits. A good vocal coach will meet your voice exactly where it is at and ensure that you are reaching your vocal potential in the most efficient and safe way possible and in the shortest amount of time!

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Why have it with us?

The teachers at Sing Sing Sing Academy deliver first class voice and performance coaching. We work with the student to strengthen and improve and their vocal skill whilst expanding their performance ability in whatever ever genre of singing they wish to explore. We honour the individuality and unique flavour of every voice and always take into consideration the students personal stylistic preferences, after all, we want you to have the voice that you love!

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What are lessons like?

Lessons are fun, relaxed, thorough and motivational! The first lesson is usually a vocal and physical analysis. Based on the observations and taking into consideration the personal goals of the student, the coach will then plan the focus of the proceeding lessons. The approach is integrative, observing and working with mental attitude, physicality and most importantly vocal technique. It is very normal for a student (no matter the age!) to feel nervous on the first lesson, and equally as normal for them to leave feeling refreshed, excited, confident and inspired!

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Where do lessons take place?

We are based in Witney Town Centre  (High Street) for easy access on foot, car or public transport with plenty of nearby parking.

We currently teach at the following schools:

Henry Box School in Witney, Bartholomew School in Eynsham and Hanborough Manor C of E School in Long Hanborough.

If you would like us to teach at your school please get in touch.

Can I take exams/professional qualifications?

Absolutely! Please read our "Exams and Diplomas' section of the website.

Will I have the opportunity to perform?

As a student of Sing Sing Sing Academy you will be able to take part in one of our friendly, informal and supportive concerts. Currently These take place two or three times a year in a Witney venue and are attended by students, friends and family. We also encourage students to perform at one of the many local open mic nights in the area. (please see links page for details).

When can I start?

Immediately! Simply drop us an email to info@singsingsingacedemy or call 07988 513950 . If emailing please let us have a rough idea of your availability and what you would like to study so that we can match you with the most appropriate vocal coach.