Got an audition? We’ve been there!


At every audition you will have just a short opportunity to show what you can do and make an impact, so it’s essential in this competitive industry to ensure you are fully prepared and rehearsed with material that shows you off to your full potential.


We have had fantastic results in preparing students for professional auditions or full time vocational training with students going on to train or get scholarships at top UK institutions such as Laine Theatre Arts, L.I.P.A, Birmingham Acting School and Reynolds.


Whether you are performing in a competition or showcase, have a professional audition or are preparing for drama school entry, We will provide you with honest, relevant and applicable feedback that will allow you to present yourself in the best way possible.


Not sure which song's or speeches to pick? Not connecting with a monologue? Desperate for feedback or a confidence boost? Book a session now! You will be glad that you did!